stack and nest containers

Containers with stacking and nesting system, are perfectly designed for individual and industrial clients. They stack or nest one upon another in stabile pile when rotated/turned by 180° they easily save storage space up to 65 percent. 

 pek 09pek 08


external dimensions [mm]: 600x400x180
weight ±1% [kg]: 1,88
capacity [kg]: 15
side / base: full/ 2 handles

 Ps-60 stack and nest container high strenght by optimal ribbing. Stable when moving the mechanical or the manual way.

Additional equipment

Lid for Ps rotated container
external dimensions [mm]: 600x400x35
weight ±1% [kg]: 0.88
Transport trolley
external dimensions [mm]: 600x400x25
weight ±1% [kg]: 4.00
Technical details
Poliethylen high density. Long lasting resistant for acids and alkalis.
Containers are made of oryginal HDPE material and have centificate of health quality.
Each container has special pocket for label or tag.
Different colours are available on customer request.
Bottom holes
Holes at the botton of container ease a water drainage.
Needle pole
Container has a needle pole for labeling.
Our boxes are 100 percent recyclable.
Rotary system of stackable containers help to save up to 65 percent of storage space.
Our produckts can be used in temperatures between-20 up to 80 degrees celsius.
Containers fit euro palet.
Hot stamp
Permanent hot stamp is the best way to label your container.